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hopes for a third term dash as argentina's president loses crucial ground in mid-term election. hello, i'm laura and this is al jazeera live and diplomacy and they head to syria in the latest attempts at peace talks. election results for georgian prime minister ahead in the presidential election and. >> i'm investigating the impact that illegal sand mining, is having on the environment and people's lives. ♪ argentina's ruling party has kept control of congress in mid-term elections but opposition has made major gains and there was a party losing seats in four major district and result end her chances of changing the constitution to allow her to stand for a third term. and we are in buenos aries. >> reporter: putting on a brave face, supporters of the ruling party celebrated and sunday's mid-term elections confirmed they lost in key districts throughout the country. >> translator: we will continue building the dream of a better argentina said the vice president defiantly. >> reporter: in the province which has 40% of votes nationwide the president former chief of staff n
now and what they expected them to do when they elected him in office in 2012. the first point. the second point, up until now francois hollande had the idea that, ok, i was select it, i have tough work to do, i have to give france back on the rails, the country is in dire straits, so i will have to tax everybody more and bring more money into the state coffers because he views government of the sarkozy spent far too much money and spend more money then we actually had. that is my job. in the old days when presidents were elected, they gave handouts. they say, ok, now it is time to work hard to pay that money. this time francois hollande said work hard to start with, have to pay more money, and that will get results. i think up until recently he has not really cared very much about his popularity poll rating, saying it is normal. i am going to lose report -- support because i him doing things people don't like. i am wondering how worried he is now. a level of 26%. everything he has tried to do in the last few weeks has turned to dust basically. as mark was saying and as you wer
-term elections killing off hopes of a third term. [gunfire] emergency talks with the u.n. after renewed fighting between government forces and m 23 rebels in the eastern democratic part of congo. they pray for a return home 65 years after being forced out. ♪ the u.n. arab league arrived for talks with the syrian government planned in geneva next month and he has been touring the region in the past week talking to all sides involved in the conflict and been to countries that support it like turkey and kanta and talks with groups against fighting with the government and met iran's new president who is a supporter in the region telling him the country's presence is vital for the geneva talks to succeed. and let's bring bill joining us live from beirut and i understand he drove from beirut to damascus and he is there, what is he going to do? >> well, he is due to meet with the syrian president bashir assad and foreign minister and this will be a very difficult mission, as difficult as it was in the past simply because the positions on either side have not changed much. the opposition still says it
>> hello and welcome to the "journal." our headlines -- local elections and close of oh kosovo arein marred. u.s. secretary of state john kerry in egypt days before mohamed morsi's trial. yern breaks yet another soccer record. polls have closed in local elections in kosovo. serb participation in kosovo's political life is a key element of a european-union-brokered deal. today's voting was marred by reports of masked men strain -- storming the main polling center , throwing tear gas and smashing ballot boxes. >> they were only local elections. for kosovo's leaders, they were a barometer of relations between ethnic albanians and serbs. >> knees on the first free elections for all of kosovo -- these are the first free elections for all of kosovo, and that makes them historic for all of our young nation. >> it was the first democratic vote since kosovo broke away from serbia. >> it is a test of democracy and our country, proof that everyone has a voice -- democracy in our hastry, proof that everyone a voice. >> one polling station closed after masked men stormed it, smashing ballot
of people had high hopes when morsi became the country's first democratically elected president. what he saw as his authoritarian rule, many many egyptians took to the streets again and ended up in a military decision to remove morsi from office, an act that morsi said is against the law. >> it's illegal crime. i am the president according to the sugar of the country. >> reporter: now morsi is on trial in the same court. >> mu back rather has abundanmoe republic. >> if morsi is convicted of incitement to commit murder he could be sentenced to death. dominick cane, al jazeera, cai cairo. >> mohammed morsi's son said court proceedings were a force. >> this is not a trial. a trial has no legal guarantees. no criteria who or who will not, the president refused to recognize this nonsense and these coup procedures. >> sue, i know you've been speaking to one of the lawyers who wants to represent morsi. what's he been saying? >> reporter: yes, we were speaking to one of the lead lawyers who really wanted to be there in court to put forward the lead of the defense. he was a presidential candidate but
democratically elected government. the u.s. is using leverage in doing so. it's worth noting that because john kerry has gone to cairo to deliver the messages, that the u.s. is stepping up pressure on the interim government to get on with it. let's talk more about the visit, the visit that nobody knew about until he actually landed, which is unusual, considering the relationship the two countries had in the past. it makes you think of dangerous places like iraq and afghanistan. what does this say? what should we read into that? >> the situation on the ground has been considered unstable. there has been a number of human rights abuses that the u.s. government does not like. crackdown on the burgeoning free press. crackdown on political opponents of the regime, including the muslim brotherhood, in which mohamed morsi was a keen leader. by not announcing this visit ahead of time, washington was sending a message to cairo that it does not approve of how things were going in the past five months. this idea that by going in, spending hours on the ground and preparing to move on to the announced par
elections for a democratic-elected parliament and needs to take the steps sooner rather than later. >> let's talk about the visit to cairo. we didn't know about it until he landed, which makes you think iraq, afghanistan - dangerous places. what are the security concerns. it seems like the relationship between the two countries is clearly not what it was. >> certainly it is telling this the u.s. state department did not want to anoups or confirm -- announce or confirm that this is a possibility. it says that the u.s. is disapproving of how the interim egyptian government has functioned in the past five months, since july 3rd, when mohamed morsi was removed as president of egypt. when you don't make a hue and cry, it sends a message to the host country that it's not behaving the way washington wants it to behave. as for security, we is seen and heard numerous reports of political crack downs, being arrested for demonstrating against the removal of mohamed morsi from power. the coup that is not a coup. the situation with the crackdown on human rights organization, the crackdown on the media
's president loses ground midterm elections killing off her hopes of a third term in office. >>> demanding answers and e.u. delegation heads to washington on claims that the u.s. spied on leaders. >>> no planes, trains or angels. the crippling the u.s. transport system. >> we begin with syria and this number. 2,100,000. that is the total number of people, individuals, that the u.n.est hates has now fled syria because of war. that's on top of the 5 million who have been displaced but still within syria's borders. well, that figure comes as the latest diplomacies as they try tto drum up another round of talks. we're live from neighboring beirut. take us through what they're hoping to achieve. all right, i don't know if you can hear me. i hope you can. now in da mas damascus. what do me hope to achieve. >> reporter: more than anything he wants to hear from the syrian government what it would take for the syrian government to attend a geneva conference. he has been shuffling around the region but all of this is really talk about what it would take for all it would take to sit at this same tabl
to egypt today. detroit and new york electing mayors. voters in new jersey and new york will be electing a new governor. morning and we are going to begin with a new gallup poll, asking you about the state of your life and your thoughts about the country in general. to you feel more optimistic about where you are going? do you have the opportunities to get ahead? we are asking the yes and -- asking a yes and no question. the number is -- you can also send us an e-mail, send us a tweet, or join us on this is what the question looks like on our twitter page. do you think there is an opportunity to get ahead in america i? , ifd on the new gallup poll you want to check it out it is online at opportunitynty of to get ahead here in america. the survey was released over the last couple of days. while the u.s. has historically prided itself on an open ended mobility, celebrating rags to riches stories, rising income inequality and a normally -- and abnormally high unemployment rate can call the question just how accurate this cherished belief is. politicians have focuse
. local elections because of the designs promote reconciliation are marked by intimidation. us secretary of state john kerry holds talks in cairo today before the start of ousted president muhammad were safe while. byron is move a step closer to breaking yet another soccer record. also close to the local elections in kosovo the first in which serbia urge minority serbs to bow. surfers education and cousin us political life is a key element of the european union brokered deal to end the dispute there and unlocks eu funds. but today is noting was marred by reports of masked men storming the main polling center in each of the except throwing tear gas and smashing ballot boxes the worldly local elections but for kosovo's leaders they were approved moniker of relations between ethnic albanians and serbs. is it a lot of videos. these are the first free elections for all of kosovo. and that makes them historic our young nation sees his successor though. it was the first boat in the north since kosovo broke away from serbia yet these selections in a test of the political maturity a test of democ
're supposed to be quiet. and he said, i was not elected to be quiet. i'm not going to be quiet. >> was that john mccain that said that? >> i refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me. >> of course raphael cruz, sr. saves his harshest language for the president of the united states. >> we have our work cut out for us. we need to send barack obama back to chicago. i would like to send him back to kenya. [ applause ] >> that was at a north texas tea party event about two months before mitt romney lost the presidential election and of course it was long after president obama had produced his birth certificate showing that unlike either raphael cruz, sr., or junior, he was actually born in the united states. joining me now are msnbc political analyst steve schmidt, senior adviser on the mccain '08 campaign and joy reid, nbc contributor. this latest video about him wanting to send president obama as he puts it back to kenya was pulled out today. it's been around. they highlighted it. and then the senator put out a statement saying he doesn't -- his father doesn't s
a crucial election. france condemns as revolting the murder of two french journalists in mali. >> a 20-month rebel gone in the eastern democratic republic of congo, which made an existing refugee crisis worst could be closer to an end the the political leader to the m23 rebels declared a ceasefire. it seems that the call for a trues is so far -- truce is so far being ignored by his military wing. these are exclusive pictures - rockets fired around m23 positions on congo's border with rwanda. in the last week the rebels have been pushed out of a stripping of towns by congo's army, bringing rwanda and uganda accused of supporting rebels and the conflict in a region rich in minerals. malcolm webb has the latest. >> the government troops has been fighting with the m23 rebels on three hills close to the border with rwanda. if i hold up the microphone, you can maybe hear the sounds of rockets and bombs landing. the hill that you can see is one of the three hills where the rebels are. there's about 300 left. they are at an advantage. there's tanks, helicopters. fighting uphill in this terrain is di
and it will be prijtsed in full in the record. if the senator-elect will now present himself to the deck, the chair will administer the oath. please raise your right hand. do you solemnly swear that you will support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that you will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that you take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that you will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which you are about to enter, so help you god? mr. booker: i do. the vice president: congratulations, senator. welcome to the senate. mr. reid: mr. president? the vice president: the majority leader. mr. reid: it is my understanding we're going to move to a matter -- if we're moving to the nomination of mr. watt, i yield back the time for the majority and the republicans. the vice president: without objection, the time is yielded back. under the previous order, the clerk the report the motion to invoke cloture. the clerk: cloture motion: we, the undersigned senators, in acco
the campaign trail ahead of tomorrow's election is giving voters a potential preview of the next presidential contenders. >> it sounds like you're planning for a message beyond new jersey. is that a fair assessment? >> i'm not planning for it. i just think it's inevitable. >> don't forts about hillary clinton. even without stepping food in iowa this weekend she was still the main event in the crucial presidential primary state. >> 2016 is hillary's time. run, hillary, run. if you run, you'll win and we'll all win. >> life support as they scramble to repair by the end of the month deadline. can the obama administration recover from the damage already inflicted by the rough rollout? >> whether you like the model of obama care or not, the fact that the president sold it on a basis that was not true has undermined the foundation of his second term. i think it's rotting it away. >> double down. they changed the game with political tell-all that went behind the scenes with 2008 election. mark halperin back with latest insider scoop that's already shaking up the political landscape. t
in place by the transitional government does lead to a democratically elected new government that is expected to happen over the next several months. so as we move along the map, we are headed toward democracy at least electoral democracy. what actually happens in terms of who is doing the governance in the country and who is making policy decisions i think for now, we don't really know, how that will develop. >> how can you say the country is moving towards democracy when we have seen hundreds of protestors killed, and basic rights that a lot of americans take for granted and like freedom of the press are not allowed in egypt. >> that has been a cause for a lot of concern, i think both in the u.s. and on the streets in egypt. egypt. the popular sentiment in egypt is pro military. they feel the muslim brotherhood hijacked the revolution and were exclusionary in their governance and supportive of violence. people are supportive of the military crack down and people are asking for more of a military crack down. >> in a way the military and interim government are caught between
by the previous presidential election but the other parts is regarding the northern part of mali is still an ongoing task and a very difficult one to tackle. >> i want to take you up on that point about the french government and the french troops being involved in mali at the moment. french government says they want to reduce the number of troops that they have got in february next year. is it too soon as you said they have failed in their aim to try to achieve some sort of peace in mali, is it too soon to withdraw troops in february? >> well, we have to have in mind that there is a particular agenda which is the next legislative elections which will be carried out for the first round 24th of november and 15 of december for the second round and the movements which are existing in mali will want to do a sure force on that occasion. so i'm not sure that the french will be able to withdraw as rightly mentioned, france has said by the end of next july they will only be 1,000 french military troops on the ground but that was in the horizon of the ongoing and strengthening united nation stabili
. mcnulty was ousted. an election marred by intimidation and mosques meant us to polling stations much about boxes in the pockets of total costs top stories this is what are some political ticket for not joining us. the french foreign minister little puppies said today that groups were behind the killing of two french radio journalist in northeastern money at stake peripheral since national tennis shoes painted on the sound technician with the pearl was kidnapped and sold on the outskirts of the time off to dallas today we had these pictures just coming into us. now i'm showing it the audience on the two journalists which are being met through newport ministry at croft fifteen hundred kilometers south of from two dollars to the money and capital of panic or was it a listen out to walk the french foreign minister speaking earlier on had to say about what he calls these the scanning. but now. going into the assassination yesterday in northern mallee of shoes and you know i'm going for a non journalists radio france international it's an od is that objects would revolt in crying that they would
at 2016 or 2013, any election, african-americans are overwhelmingly democratic. it's not they are overwhelmin y overwhelmingly -- they are pro obama too. john kerry, michael dukakis, all did above 85% beloto black vote well. things will have really changed by then. >> a gubernatorial race is happening tomorrow, i think best represent the two wings of the republican party today. you have chris christie, obviously the more pragmatic conservative in new jersey and cuccinelli, a bit more extreme conservative tea partyier and support among women could not be further apart. you have cuccinelli down by 24 points among women. you have christie, who is leading with women by 23 points. perry, is this the moment when the republican party maybe learned something in terms of their messaging? i know that's what chris christie is hoping for. >> i think it is. i think that we should be clear to say, even most republican candidates are not as bad as ken cuccinelli is. i don't want to read too much into this particular race -- >> does have a special way with the lady folks. >> exact
is in the public eye for the wrong reasons and he was elected three years ago as a tax cutting person and allegations of drug use kept haunting him. >> i wish i could come out and defend myself but unfortunately i can't because it's before the courts. i have no reason to resign. i'm going to go back and return my phone calls and i'm going to be out doing what the people elected me to do. >> reporter: so far the mayor is standing firm against allegations that might have failed other politicians and it's true only the voters can remove the mayor really and that in a general election not until next year but revelations lie ahead and the video when it's eventually produced in court. the pressure on them battled mayor is bound to increase, daniel with al jazeera toronto. >>> this is "real money." you as always are the most important part of the show, so please join our conversation for the next half hour, use the handle at aj"real money" on twitter. so washington budget battles are heating up again. this week the renewal of a farm
for a sensationalist victory, which has more to do with the upcoming election and little to do with justice. >> can i ask you an historical question. why did both men flee bangladesh after the war of independence in "71. if they weren't guilty of anything, what were they fleeing from. >> my understanding, certainly from chowdhury mueen-uddin - he responded to that question. to say that they fled is an unfair characterisation of what happened. they both supported the unity of pakistan on a political standpoint. neither supported the military action, and they have distanced themselves from it. mr chowdhury mueen-uddin for example, returned several times to bangladesh over the last 40 years, as never attempted to conceal his whereabouts, and has not shied away from these allegations. he has said, quite openly - he said it to this news station and publicly - that he is prepared to put himself before a credible judicial process, but this is not a credible judicial process. the government... >> it's slightly confusing. the tribunal in bangladesh said they tried to get your client, certainly chowdhury mueen
the second term. not were living -- we have yet gotten to why they spent so much time there. the election. did s truman want harry to run for reelection? >> she did not try to stop them. want to be the first still? no. this was a partnership. she knew in his heart of hearts, that is what he believed was best for the country. she supported him. >> so many people would remember . you said earlier everyone was duly to win. whyain so -- >> explain chairman was expected to lose. cressey was not popular at the time. chairman was expected to lose. cressey was not popular at the time. the economy was not going as fast as he could have. cressey was liberal. were tired. not liberal enough for many people. he could do very little right in 1948. his own party did not really support him. it was not 100% certain he would even get the nomination. campaigns on a congress that will not work with them or get anything done. still? no. this was a partnership. and he campaigns on foreign policy. this is where one of everyone's favorite truman stories comes out. shall nominate tells him on a train, go out ther
, now she talks all the time. i am not the one elected, she snapped. i have nothing to say to the public. asked which presidential most identified with, she chose the obscure wife who followed dollar madison. madison. >> he was hinting that he would like her to be more involved. she put her foot down. it was not that she did not want to be involved with her life or her decisions. >> she did what she had to do. she went to the receptions for the military and the parties. -- che collins, sheet olumns she just wasn't going to do that. maybe she was more of a feminist than all of us. >> she was not going to do it use told. >> she began to feel that the president began to dissolve the political partnership which had been at the heart of their relationship with her husband for so many years. >> in the senate, he had time to come home in the evening and discuss things with bess. but when he became president, your decisions multiply rapidly. it was not that he did not want to consult her. he did not have time to consult her on every little thing. harry truman had a lot of momentous things to dis
there will be important elections in a few weeks. maybe it can occur in molly. it is the second stage for the presidential election in july. i have to say it is not really clear what are the odds at stake at this point. what is really clear is this liberation was taken and undertaken by the nigerians, the niger government. it is an important factor because he was weekend on the basis of elections which were going to take place in september. it has been creating a political environment in which there was a political consensus. >> you stand to benefit from the situation and take the lead. we are talking about of confusion for some of the viewers. we are talking about several countries. maybe we can call up the map. it is including a debrief with french intelligence. if you look at the map of west africa, look at the areas that are light-colored. where they have been the past three years. your thoughts on where these hostages may have been held? >> i think the likelihood that they were in southern libya is quite high because you have a region there that is out of the control of the central government where m
employer. now that employer mandate was delayed for one year, so this time next year, right best election, that is when these possible cancellation notices, 93 million of them, will be going out. >> that 93 million is more than even the non-partisan cbo had predicted a year-and-a-half ago. i looked it up today. march 15th, 2012, the cbo and together with the joint committee on taxation, they issued a report. they said up to 30 million americans are going to lose their employer sponsored coverage because of obamacare. that didn't even include what, 15 or 20 million in the individual marketplace. and millions of those are now getting their cancellation notices. >> that's right. we should make the distinction between the millions of people who are now getting cancellation notices because they buy their insurance individually. that is the private, individual market. those letters are going out now. this time next year, a whole new raft of letters go out to those people who get their health insurance from their employer. those plans will be canceled. those people will be shifted into a policy
rouhani election. nuclear weapons talks begin on november 7. >> thank you very much. it's a pleasure to be here to talk on the possibility of having a normal, peaceful relationship with the ran. and it seems to me and i'll declare my opinion at the outset that this is the best chance we've had the revolution. it's 34 years now. and we should make every effort to see if it can work. and i'll go through it that effort would entail. first is the nuclear question. does iran have any nuclear weapons? the answer from all intelligence sources and from the iaea and the expert community is that it has no nuclear weapons. does it have the capacity to build nuclear weapons? and the answer is yes, it does have the capacity. and that's the dilemma, having the capacity, can you trust monitoring and verification sufficiently to be able to take remedial action if the peaceful path is abandoned and iran goes down the path to acquiring its own nuclear weapons. that's the task that was set before our nation and the npt and all the signatories to the npt are devoted to that task. to prevent proliferatio
elected prime minister maliki and his shiite-dominated government share the blame for the rising dangers to their country by monopolizing government power in a way that has rekindled sunni resentment and anger. arizona senator john mccain is among them. >> the major reason for the unraveling in iraq was maliki's failure to govern in an inclusive fashion. measures which he has taken which have alienated the sunni population, therefore a breeding ground, therefore then assistance to syria. i think the genesis was the failure of maliki's government, and it was taken advantage of by the situation in syria. >> reporter: obama administration officials don't disagree, but want to help maliki anyway. the reason, explains ryan crocker, is that there's still much at stake in what happens in iraq for the security of the u.s. and the wider region. >> we are seeing the most volatile and bloody times in the middle east's modern history and it is denominated in sectarian terms. this is more than anything a sectarian fight, iraq has been through that, al-qaeda is doing its best to reignite it. the situa
. he was elected as a tax-cutting populist. his behaviour and allegations of drug hughes have kept haunting him. >> i wish i could come out and defend myself. unfortunately i can't. it's before the court. i have no reason to resign. i'll go back and return my phone calls. i'll be out doing what the people elected me to do. >> so far the mayor is standing firm against allegations that might have felled other politicians. it's true only the voters can remove the mayor. more revelations lie ahead. the the pressure on the mayor is bound to increase. >> in brazil more than 300 have protested in the city of rio de janeiro. demonstrators gathered saying police have arrested people unfairly and are using a newly past law that is meant to target organised crime. >> 14 died in nicaragua and thousands sick after an outbreak of danke fever. hundreds of workers have been sent to fume gait homes in the capital. >> the malaysian police say their 3-month operation to crackdown on crime has been a huge success. it's in response to a series of high-profile crimes in the capital. we have this report
. and one of the most important expressions of that will be elections next year. i encouraged that iraq pass an election law and that that moves forward so that people understand that when they have differences they can express them politically, as opposed to through violence. [speaker translates] i also appreciated the efforts that prime minister maliki has made recently to restore stronger relationships with its neighbors, including kuwait and turkey and some of the other gulf states, and expressed my interest in providing whatever support is necessary to make sure that iraq is working cooperatively and effectively with its neighbors. [speaker translates] >> we spent considerable amount of time talking about syria, where the spillover effects of the chaos and assad's horrific treatment of his own people has had spillover effects in iraq as well. [speaker translates] >> and we agreed that it's in the interest of both countries to try to bring about a political settlement, a political transition, inside of syria that allows the syrian people to make decisions about their own lives, while, a
angela merkel was elected. >> this morning senator jeanne shaheen called on the nsa to come clear on the surveillance program. >> i think the revelations from edward snowden, and secrets that are revealed are doing damage to our bilateral relationships with germany, mexico and other countries where the suggestion is that we've lisped in -- listened in. i think we have repair work to do and hard questions it ask of the nsa about what is happening in the program. >> it's a different view from the chairman of the house homeland security committee. congressman peter king says america should stop apologising for the nas. >> the reality is the nsa saved thousands of lives - not just the united states, but france, germany and throughout europe. the french carried out spying operations ai gaips the united states -- against the united states. as far as germany - that's where the hamburg plot began laing to nchb -- leading to 9/11. >> former secretary of state madeleine albright agrees, saying the u.s. is not the only one that spies on world leaders, but says france listened to her calls. a
several associates of her ricky may allegations of so much in extremely close municipal election result one hundred votes separated incumbent every team and watch the apatow from second to challenge or any color and sixty more than eighteen thousand residents. he's already everest today people in the investigation into voting irregularities. often it would sound with two hundred sites like these election results and suspicions of flu have led to protests calling for new election in which image which is growing increasingly tense as ultra orthodox second date with its began to obama in recent years to rekindle the most conservative jurists that shelling the media and enforcing strict code of modesty. there was at the cost is greater portion of israel's population and to the point but rates raising questions about the jewish state's future as they influence grows . i knew the routine. she and more. oh well. i am. off. while. zune few. the there has been called many significant leak of classified information in the u s history. the case in this former cia employee who released the document
in and practiced ability and bipartisanship. his view was after the elections were over, democrats and republicans should work together to deal with a national legislative agenda. seeing his strong leadership qualities and the belief in getting things done for the american people, speaker tip o'neill appointed him to be the with and he was unanimously elected to be our majority leader and then our speaker in 1989. he worked closely with bob michael and they remain great friends after they left congress. later, president clinton named speaker foley to be our ambassador to japan. as a staffer to war and, i worked with him on the spokane world's in the created traumatic change for the largest city in the fifth district. tom was so proud to represent the people of the fifth are congressional district and he always thought this was his most important responsibility. it was a great honor for me that he supported me and my campaign. i was lucky to receive his support as a member of the house and i will always thank him for being such a good mentor. we will always remember the legacy of tom foley. he beli
administration to ask him to adhere to the democratic principle and to have fair, free, and punctual election, not to defer them. because the iraqis see the elections are mostly arabian. >> right. thank you very much for joining us on the show. >>> well now it's time to check in on the weather, and richard argentina is on alert for possible flooding? >> that's right. it's certainly one to watch in the coming days. this area of cloud down towards the south which is developing, and really what we have at the moment is this area of high-pressure from the east and west. so it's going to be stationary over the next few days, and you see the rainfall we normally get for this time of year. i think we're going to get this in the space of two days or so, and it will stretch from brainest aries up to paraguay. and maybe even on as far as peru. the whole system moves to the nose -- northeast in a day or so. in north america they have certainly had flooding programs. these shots come from austin, texas where we had more than 350 millimeters of rain. that system is moving away, drier conditions across mu
a presidential election going on in afghanistan. signs of that when you were there? >> a lot of evidence of it actually. when i say evidence, a lot of about it.n not evidence. the signs, the answer is we didn't see visible signs. discussion about it and a lot of confidence that it is going to happen. what,heduled for april 10? >> i don't know the exact date but it is in april. the military there are pretty confident that they are going to be able to prevent the taliban from disrupting it. taliban goal would be to make it so that the afghan people don't have outcome?ce in the scout afterat does karzai do all that? go and establish a presidential library? >> no, he has got -- he is building a modest little apartment for himself. 10,000 or 20,000 square feet or whatever it is. on the grounds. that he will -- he is going to stick around. a> you think we will have genuine transition. there are how many candidates? >> 11 left or 10 was it? heard there were 10 out there. >> and do we -- >> i thought my staff would me.p ten, thank you, bill. >> and do we -- what do we happens post-karzai afghani
that their elected representatives understand that keeping us safe and knowing what's being done in our name are part and parcel of the same thing as long as members of congress think that they will lose e elections if they raise questions about intelligence programs. they won't raise the hard questions. >> there have been a lot of talk about the damage that's been done to intelligence gathering. do you agree that these published reports have really damaged u.s. intelligence? >> well, what they have really damaged is relations with our allies, and at some level, there is a certain amount of hypocracy in that because what i do, or the administration folks are absolutely right about is everyone spies on everyone else with every tool they have available to them. but there there has always been a certain level of trust and of denyability, that embarrassing fact wasn't going to come out in public. number one, it came out in public, and, number 2, the u.s. has tools and ability to do this that maybe not all of our allies do with the met a data. it's going to be politically much more difficult for our europ
are disappointed is the wrong word but furious by the fact that the democratically elected president has been deposed, will there be many nations in the region, many people internationally who wish for things to change further, for the military to take a back seat once again, given that it happened when it did? >> certainly in the international community and particularly in the west, there's broad support for military returning to the barracks and not running the country. but unfortunately the ability for the international community to affect that outcome is very, very limited. it was therefore the most likely institution to respond when morsi lost control. i think that's really the important point to america here that this is -- to make here: that this is not just the point of morsi being a bad president or noninclusive president but who lost control during his final months of power. when a president loses control, there are no really happy endings and this is one of those unhappy endings that we are witnesses. >> we thank you very much indeed. >> thank you for having me. >> not to block sup
it longer. that would make for one-third less campaigns and elections, all of the expenses associated with that. i'll hang up listening. guest: one of the projects that we have under way at the bipartisan policy center is a democracy project, we call it the democracy project which we launched earlier this year where we are looking into the specific issues that you mentioned, jack, as it relates to government filibusters, campaign finance the issues of redistricting out there. first of all, i think i agree with you, jack, this is more than just spending and revenues. structure. some of the issues that have created difficulties and coming to agreements going forward. at the same time, jack, i guess i'm an old senate staffer, i'm going to have to disagree with you on the filibuster. i do believe that the great deliberative body here called the united states senate, that the filibuster does have a role to play. think our founding fathers made it very clear they expected to be these kinds of conflicts but expected that the passions of the house would be cooled by the senate as george washi
and february. and probably one more round, again, before we get to the next election. so there's a long ways to go, but, you know, i think obama, you know, i don't like to get too caught up in any given poll, but this is a pretty big drop for him. and it shows his unfavorable number going up pretty high, and i think there's just been a round of things that haven't played his thing. even like the syria thing. today we have the news that they're actually getting to the destruction of chemical weapons in syria. some of the equipment. >> it's incredible. >> seems like a win, but yet that whole episode didn't really work out for him politically. in a scandal. the obama care stuff. he's taking on a lot of weight right now politically. >> okay. joy, far from learning their lesson, today the senate gop used filibuster rules to block two of the president's nominees. one on housing, and the other appeals court judge nominee patricia millert, a woman even ted cruz has cited for her, i'm quoting mr. cruz, fine professional credentials. so i guess no matter the president nominated her, that's it, she's n
what it's an anomaly in the world. to have elections on a tuesday. why would they do that? tuesday nobody shows up. >> rose: that's another -- >> it's a big deal -- >> rose: i'm all with you on that the too. not on tuesday or not necessarily -- a whole lot of things you can do to make the system better. i'm thinking of a whole number of places. there are whole tons of parties in israel for example but they are essentially to three parties, you know. >> yes. >> rose: i mean the labor and -- run for a while and that's down. they've got a series of small religious parties who simply form coalitions. >> israel is a peculiar place but mexico for example we have five parties at least. >> rose: it's hard to talk to mexico when you have one party that dominated mexico for most of its history. >> until it changed and now we have a lot. ha ha ha. >> rose: so is mexico better under preparty. >> it's definitely better now with competition. because you can choose, you know. hillary say well, this thing about the government grid lock should be a lesson for americans so that they put attenti
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